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Welcome to Ninja Sports, where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge science to transform the way you move, compete, and excel in your sport. Our unique approach combines the movement methodologies of ancient Japanese Samurai and Ninja Warriors with modern scientific principles to harness the potential energy of gravity for enhanced power, speed, and athletic performance.

Want More Playing Time?

Youth Athletes Seeking More Playing Time: Gain the skills and confidence to stand out to your coach, get off the bench and in the game and stay in the game injury free.

Potential for Athletic Scholarship?

Youth Athletes with Potential for Athletic Scholarships: Enhance your performance to attract scholarship offers and take your athletic career to the next level.

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Adult Athletes Looking to Continue Playing and Reduce Injuries: Maintain your competitive edge, stay active, and minimize the risk of injury with proven movement techniques.

Want a Competitive Edge?

Elite Athletes Seeking a Competitive Edge: Push your performance to new heights with advanced training and personalized coaching to gain that critical edge over your competition.

Unlock Your Ultimate Athletic Potential with Ninja Sports GPS: Gravitational Power and Speed

GPS: Gravitational Power and Speed is a comprehensive 12-week online training program designed to harness the natural forces of gravity and biotensegrity to enhance your athletic performance. Our program, created by Dennis Mahoney, founder of Shinobi Martial Arts, is grounded in the principles of physics, physiology, and the emerging field of biotensegrity.

What to Expect with GPS

  • Weekly Video Lessons and Drills: Receive new video content and drills each week designed to build on the previous lessons. Learn to leverage gravity and biotensegrity to enhance your movement.
  • Personalized Feedback and Support: Record your results, share what worked for you, and discuss any difficulties you faced. Our team is here to provide insights and answer your questions.
  • Interactive Sessions: Participate in weekly live sessions to ask questions, review progress, and receive personalized feedback.

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Understanding the Science:
Gravity and Biotensegrity

At the core of our program are two scientific principles: gravity and biotensegrity. Let's break them down into simpler terms:
Gravity: We all know gravity as the force that keeps us grounded on Earth. But did you know it can also be a source of energy for movement? Instead of fighting against gravity, GPS teaches you to harness it to move more efficiently. Think of it like a swing: once you get it going, gravity does a lot of the work to keep it moving. We teach you how to use this natural force to your advantage in your sport.
Biotensegrity: This is a fancy term that combines "biology" and "tensegrity" (tension and integrity). Imagine a geodesic dome, like the Epcot ball at Disney World. It’s made of a network of rods and cables that hold everything together with balanced tension. Your body works in a similar way, with bones, muscles, and connective tissues creating a stable yet flexible structure. By understanding and optimizing this balance, you can move more smoothly and powerfully while reducing the risk of injury.
How Does This Help You? Traditional training often focuses on individual muscle tension, which can actually slow you down and increase the risk of injury. Our approach teaches you to move with ease and efficiency, using your whole body as a connected system rather than a collection of separate parts. This method not only boosts your speed and power but also keeps you safer from common sports injuries.

Why Choose GPS?

Our program isn't just about following exercises—it's about transforming the way you understand and utilize your body. By learning to move in harmony with gravity and utilizing the principles of biotensegrity, you'll achieve smoother, faster, and more powerful movements while reducing the risk of injury.
Join us on this journey to unlock your full potential. Embrace the power of GPS: Gravitational Power and Speed and take your athletic performance to unprecedented levels.
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